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All existing Managers will have their Login from last season. New Managers will get an email invite from Full-Time too setup a Login.

Emails will automatically be sent out from Full-Time every Sunday with the next 14days fixtures, they will also be sent out automatically when a fixture has been changed (for example due to Hants/League Cup Fixtures or rescheduled games) To receive this information you must verify your email address.

10am is the default KO time set in Full-Time but you can now change this also the venue.

When you reply to the SMS text with the result of the match you just enter (i.e. 2-1, 1-1 or p-p for postponed games) no other information required, if you have teams in another league then add the code after the result (2-2 -----)




All age groups must enter their Statistics in Full-Time within 2 days of the Date played.

You can either login to Full-Time (fulltime-admin.thefa.com/gen/login) or you can use the matchday app.

There are 3 sections to complete

FA MARKS which consist of Official Marks/Respect Marks/Pitch Marks these are an FA requirement.

LEAGUE TEAM MARKS which consists of Check the Opposition Squad List-if answer is no give reason/Was the Respect Steward Present/Sporting Marks which is out of 10.

PLAYERS STATISTICS which you tick the Players that started the game plus Bench used and Unused Bench then next page to enter goal scorers.

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