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There will be some changes to the under 7, 8, 9,10 and 11’s Development Leagues this season.

Each season will always get late entries to these age group, and we try to accommodate, unless there is a vacancy we sometime need to complete reschedule the fixtures.

Next season late teams will be allowed between “after the fixtures have been published and the middle of December” but they will not be able to take part in Development fixtures until the 1st January, before this time they are quite at liberty to arrange friendly games if they wish.

The Development games will run between September – December “Autumn League” and January to May “Winter League”. Fixtures will be scheduled from September until December, you will only play each team once. The second set of fixtures will be release sometime towards the end of December to accommodate any new teams, again you will only play each other once. The only down side to this will be that with a completely new set of fixtures for January you may play the same team at home, if this does happen we ask you to arrange with your opponents to reverse the fixture (so home and away applies).

All teams in the September/December Autumn League will take part in the Oak Cup, January to May all existing and new teams will take part in the Lion Cup. All teams will take part in the Jock McClorey Tournament.

Under 11’s this coming season will be in divisions with the strongest teams from last season in division 1, then division 2 and finally division 3, we will look at moving teams around based on their strengths throughout the Autumn part of the season.

Please remember Oak Cup/Plate, Lion Cup /Plate take precedent of Development games the league will not reschedule Development games that clash with either of these cup competition, however, if teams wish to re-arrange just let me know the revised date.


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